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These are only a few samples of some of the items I have on If you would like to see my full Sleeplesslady site on Redbubble you can follow the link @ 
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Why Amazon​?

Why not Amazon? I am fairly certain that the day will come when Amazon runs the world. Really. Amazon has something that all the other print on demand sights don't have. Traffic. If you are looking to buy something....Amazon will bring it to your door. That is amazing. While Amazon isn't really the BEST POD site, it is certainly the most popular. Your images are going to come to you looking like what you see... It all goes back to how they are printed....
Trust me when I say that although the final product of screen printing will always be my favorite, this new technology works wonders for the actual production of the product. THere is no lengthy time spent separtating colors or sticky inks that must be mixed. This process prints a design directly on the t-shirt. No overhead, no minimums, less mess, and a much faster turn around. nice.