Print On Demand (POD)? Why?​​

I have years of experience working in screen printing. Years. I enjoy the process of screen prining. The screens, the art, the color blending, the art of the half-tone and even the smell of the ink. Still, it has it's issues. It is expensive, it takes time, it isn't often done with the highest quality. It is the absolute perfect solution for large quantity runs or runs that have specific color matching needs.

So why do I choose the Print On Demad options? Because it is changing the world of screen priting for the individual consumers. It is less cumbersome, it doesn't require high volumes, it is easy to customize. It takes less time per shirt to create. There is no time spent on the art of separation for the color plates. Your design goes directly to the garment. If there is an error the art can be edited and quickly re-done. The set-up time is much less than traditional printing.
Of course there is a cost to this method as well. Garments can have a residue left behind from the ink process that smells funny. (This is gone after the initial wash.) The colors are not exact...instead of being created by a solid ink, the colors are produced by a blend of CMYK ink directly on the substrate of the shirt. So, on occasion, mostly on darker colored shirts, the color is not as vivid and bright. To that end, you are able to work with more color due to the fact that you are not being forced to blend colors with plastisol inks. 

I still work with screen printing and if a client needs to have something printed or embroidered, I am able to take care of those needs. These attached pages however represent my POD work and these items can all be purchased by anyone at the link to the designs provided. I hope you find some items you like. Thank you.